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Natural Thangs receives such wonderful feedback, comments and emails from folks that this page is warranted. Thank you so much to all of you for your support.





Randy I do so love everything you've done for us, yes I am happy and we still have more for you and your team as soon as I find a stainless steel gas grill, and it's looking better every day as the plants are growing beautifully, hey we work well together, love it and thanks so much Randy. 

Joy Rentz


Hi Randy.........I'm stunned!  Really........

Like I told you I had a hard year health wise, and just wanted to relax when I got home. It's corny but you made it possible.

Thank you so much

W. Harris

PS..Embarrassed about the before and after pics but what the hell


Wow is the only word to describe the fab job Randy did for us. The job was professional, done on time and on budget (except for those add-ons that we just couldn't resist) Randy has amazing talent and as Pono our contractor who built our home yesterday said "it was not a job done but an artistic creation." Again Randy my friend a big big thank you.

 Lesley Hilyer Farrell  



Jim Mann


It looks so AWESOME and we are really happy! Thank you

Pam Leverich


Amazing Randy and your team DELIVERED right on your promise Looks GREAT !!! Unbelievable what you did in 13 hours ! 

I can't wait to hear about the another idea that you have.....Yucatan is so lucky to have you beautifying our spaces.

Sherry Dames


WOW! Beautiful job Randy, Dorothy and Gord! Whew, what a change! Years and years of enjoyment now, fabulousa!!!! Our community is blessed to have you Randy

Christine Muth


Fantastico!!!!!  Can't wait for the party to see it in person

Jen Moore


Randy: WE LOVE OUR NEW GARDEN! It exceeded our expectations, and we couldn't be more thrilled! Thank you so much! 

Missy & Alden


Thanks Randy... We love our courtyard... Can't say enough about your partnership in the planing, attention to detail, flexibility as plans change, and for keeping us up to date regularly regarding the budget! .Your energetic passion for your work was evident throughout the transformation. You have our whole hearted recommendation. Muchisimo Gracias

Dorothy and Gord


They will be sooooooo looks fantastic ! Another success. 

Joan McBurney


Hey Randy! Roger & Diane's place really looks great! Once everything started filling in, it took on a whole new life! Great job! 

You need a before, an after and then a way after pic. So people can see just how great your vision truly is.

Andrea Parker










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