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We are so pleased to be creating what will be a beautiful space for Mike and Frances Cummings in Chelem Mexico. A huge Thank You to both of them for trusting in Natural Thangs. Wait to you see the final look here........


Below are a few of the before pics. As you can see, lots and lots of gravel and for me, a clean slate to work with.



After day two, a lot of progress has been made. The giant messy Uva tree is now gone, the new outdoor cooking area is being created, the water feature is coming together and the flagstone walk and seating area is almost done pool side, plus ALL the gravel is gone!




The End of Day 4 - All the Flagstone work front and back is now completed, the water fountain as well is complete and functioning.




The progress after day 7.  Tomorrow the new bar gets a face lift with beautiful talevera tile. In four more days this place will be complete and beautiful..




Thursday, Feb 26, 2015, 2 more days till completion. Today the outdoor cooking area is close to complete and the frame for the carport pergola is nearing completion. The water feature has now received its color and tomorrow all the planting and grass will be installed.




And now we present the final look.... 


The beach front area now looks so soft and inviting



The duel gas and charcoal cooking area turned out just awesome!


The front area, or back, however you look at it, hows now been transformed from a gravel parking lot to this tropical, soft, peaceful, lush area.






A HUGE Thank You to Mike and Frances Cummings as well as our Natural Thangs Landscape design Crew!! 



These photos were taken about 3 weeks after the final day, the grass has been cut and everything is growing in beautifully... 

March 25th 2015




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