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The Chef's Garden -Central Merida

Brenda and Markus, first let me say I ate sooooo good while working in their garden for the week I did. The ribs, and the lasagna is to die for. Check this link if you live in Merida and want to order from them. Foodies Merida   

I am very proud to show off another fabulous design. This small space can show you a beautiful natural design that puts function into smaller space areas. 

Garden Area Before

I came up with a design that would allow Brenda and Markus the ability to use this area for seating/entertaining, by placing a table and chair ensemble on the new flagstone pad, they have now increased their seating areas. They as well wanted a fire pit. So with Chef Markus explaining the desires to cook/roast on this new fire pit, we have designed a beautiful, natural looking Fire Pit that will allow function-ability.

Garden Area in Progress

Garden Area Before

The Fire Pit in Progress

The New Flagstone Seating Area in Progress


The Front Pool Garden Area Before

The Front Pool Garden Area After

And Now the Final Look!!




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