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The Archer's

Landscape Project


Thank you very much to Alice Archer for the opportunity to beautify her Chuburna space. The Macedonia stone looks so awesome with the new garden spaces and water feature.


Before pics


End of Day 3


End of day 8.. Lots of progress, the new pool lip is getting its facelift with the stone, and more and more meters of this beautiful macedonia stone is being laid on all the walkways and patios


At the end of week two and the back pool area is complete. Just some cleaning and painting then the sealer for the stone. Next week the patio and front areas will be completed.



After 3 weeks all the stone has now been laid. Some final details, a good cleaning and then the sealer to make the color in the stone pop! The last project in front of us is now the natural stone driveway. One more week and this will be completed.

Today March 31st we completed our project for Alice and Tim. Below are the final pics.






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