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Sue Davis Gardens

Chuburna Community Gardens 


Watch as we turn this open sandy lot into a beautiful community garden center.


As you can see below, we have an open slate to create. (Before Pics)


The end of day 2....Things are taking shape!!

Some of the features included on this project will be a U shaped palapa, small stream snaking through the property down to a pond, walkways that will be wheelchair accessible, and many garden areas for vegetables and fruits. Truly a fun project to create.


The End of Day Four......

The Palapa is now taking its shape and on Monday I will have a shady office to oversee all.

This U shaped structure will soon be the pool that the stream that will snake through the property will drain into.


The End of Day 5

The Palapa is finished! Victor is already loving his new space

 Day 5

 Day 5

 Big changes everyday....wait till tomorrow....

Wow, what a change now, The End of Day Nine

You can now see the form for the river, but wait till you see the final look for the pond, gonna be awesome looking.

After day 9

The palapa style structures you see in a few of the gardens will actually be shade areas for varieties of vegetables that prefer some shade rather that hot burning sun all day. They will be covered with 73% shade screen.

The stream is taking shape....

Day 9 progress


 The End of Day 16

With 6 days left, the garden will now really begin to color up and take shape. These are Bottle palms and a beautiful twin pair.


The End of Day 16

The beginning of the river, I know I know, hold all your comments till it is finished, but it will look so awesome in a few days!!

Day 16

The river is looking soooooo awesome....



I can't wait to get all the plants planted then the grass. It will be an oasis for sure....

 The End of Day 18 

The walkways are now completed in the lower half and tomorrow the upper half will be done. Today as well we began planting. 

 Each of the side entrances to the lower half will be ramped so everyone will be able to visit.

 You can see the beginning of the river that runs thru it, hahahahah, and soon the bridge will be in place that will allow for a safe river crossing for all.

 When the Plumeria, (Flor de Mayo) or Frangipani as known as in Hawaii, are grande in a few years, it will be so awesome to walk thru this fragrance entering the gardens below and to boot the shade it will create above the wall area.

 Just wait till the grass is installed Thursday and Friday and the gardens are full of veggies, oooo what a wonderful place this will be.


The End of Day 19 

Well as you can see, we started placing the grass today. 

Day 19 Progress 


 Walkways in the front section will be completed tomorrow, color and all.


Remember this property looked like this before........ 

And now looking like this...... 

Day 20, The Bottom Terrace is completed, just a few small details but the grass is down. 

 Day 20.. You can see the bridge that crosses over the river, the finished look tomorrow will be so   awesome. 


And Now.....I Present the Sue Davis Chuburna Community Gardens!  

 The new entrance

The 3 ramped entry ways allow everyone to access the gardens. The bridge over the river turned out just fabulous.


 What a change...

 The photo below shows the soon to be "Corn Field". Yep we will plant corn in a few days.


Each and every morning at 6 am the automated sprinkler system kicks on and gives every one a drink. The river is recirculated from the pool itself.  

 Aw so freekin awesome, from a sandy hot boring lot to this now Oasis. I am so proud of this design.

The Photos Shown Below are now 6 months later. 'O my have things grown' 













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