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Sherry and Gina's Garden Makeover

Chelem Yucatan Mexico 


Thank you very much to Sherry and Gina of Colorado for the opportunity to create a hardy beautiful garden front and back for their Chelem Yucatan Mexico retreat. Below you can see the before and after pics that in all took a day and a half, a total of 13 hours of labor. Thank you to my team!


The back area before. I did not get the pic that showed the two big Uva trees that encompassed the entire corner area. 

Below: A simple hardy beautiful design. Can't wait to see this in a couple of years. NICE. I may change the upper section once I converse with the clients, I have a really cool idea....wait and see... 


Below is how we created this space in the beginning, then below you can now see my after thought. 

Below is the after thought I had for this area and am so pleased the owners allowed me to create a usable space for them now.  


 I added an additional Plumeria, (Flor de Mayo), and in a few years it will provide beautiful shade over the new seating area.




 Below: A before pic but we had already cut down the two large Uva trees that took up really the whole area you see there. You can actually see the line that was shaded . Grapes everywhere!

 After: Crisp clean beach tropical look. 

Plants used in the back area include: Various sizes of Kerpies Palm or aka Christmas Palm, Flor de Mayo or Plumeria (the Hawaiian Lei Flower, smells awesome), the ever dependable and reproductive Margay Morado, and Oleander. 


Now let's change locations and move to the front area: 


 I know, you really don't want to say it, but, indeed drab, overgrown, and lots of weeds....but then....

The Natural Thangs Team arrives, clean and tight, I really like the clean beach/tropical look, when this grows in in about 1 years time, i will look forward to placing those photos to show my completed vision. 

 Below: A before pic, again lots of weeds..

 Below: You will see in the pic below a Christmas palm in the corner and a white Bougainvillea  to the right of it and a purple one to the left of it. Moved some existing plants around to allow for maximum un-crowed growth.

Additional Completed Pics 

 Above: Looking directly out off the front porch - Below: Looking to the right of the porch


 Below: The Bromeliad Garden



Since our completed instal, a new casita has been constructed in the back area, very nice as well I have to say, but, a new garden design is now needed. Follow below...






A sneak peak at after 3 days of work. The new benched seating area with gas fire pit 

All the cement will be white with planters on each side  

The new Palapa

Now I present the completed look for Gina and Sherry's back yard space. 

The gas fire pit and masetta water feature. We still have to paint the base of the water feature once we get a few dry days here.

All new plantings, flor de mayo, mexican petunias, kerpies palms and crotos. We plan to put a shade feature over this section once Home Depot restocks this really cool shade canvas they usually stock.


In just a few more months when all the plants get grown in, this space will take on a whole new look. 

Fire and Water





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