Natural Thangs Landscape Design Company


Ben and Julie Tinkey's

Casa Serenity Sands

 Landscape Makeover 


To take an already beautiful space, and make it even more beautiful is always a joy. The Natural Thangs Team re-creates this Chelem garden space. A Huge Thank You to Ben and Julie for their hospitality and the opportunity to beautify their space.


We removed all the gravel and placed grass with a sprinkler system. The gardens are now rich with hibiscus and climbing vines.



 The back area before

This area is now a fruit, herb and vegetable growing area. The pergola will provide the perfect amount of sun/shade for all that is and will be planted, plus, a great host for the climbing vives. We have passion vines, lime, fig, strawberries, tomatoes just to name a few already planted. The new raised boxes will be painted in a few days to match the surrounding.





The Entrance to Serenity Sands

After about two months, we were invited back to create an outdoor kitchen area, and patio area. 





March 16th, 2015, Natural Thangs Landscape Design Co. was invited back to create this beautiful new space for Ben and Julie Tinkey. 

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