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Richard and Brenda's

Outdoor Living Space



The Natural Thangs Landscape Design Team steps in to complete a beautiful outdoor living space for Richard and Brenda in Chelem Yucatan Mexico. We are all very proud of the final look that project has produced. The one of a kind original wall fire ornament is so spectacular not to mention the new beautiful kitchen area. 

Before Pics 

When we got here, the wall was only at the block stage. Our team completed all the final finishes on the exterior wall.

The below pics are after one week, 3 more days and completed 

Above and below, this will be the fire wall.....wait till you see this!

Below will be the new outdoor cooking space with frig

One day later and the stone facing is almost complete

We darkened the rock facing today so to give a better fire ambiance  

(Wait to you see this light up with fire)

And now the finished design! Just gotta paint now...

Today we installed the flagstone seating area. Tomorrow we will install the fire box on the wall and then I will have a night pic to show that off.



The Fire Wall....I have to say.....Just Awesome!


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