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Pam and Ron's 

Central Merida Courtyard Landscape Design 


I am so honored to be doing this design for Pam and Ron, such fabulous people!! After we complete this project, it will add another dimension to the work that Natural Thangs is capable of. 

Below are the group of before photos of this center courtyard. Wait to you see the final product here.


When this project is finished, December 6th, it will showcase a new waterfall, water feature, flagstone walkways, raised wooden deck, raised flower beds with wall seating, plus numerous additional features and fixes. I am so excited to show this one off to everyone.....stay tuned







Here are few 'in the process' photos for you. With four days left to go, the transformation will now make big progress each day.

Flagstone delivered this afternoon, installed in the next two days.


As you can see we raised the wall 3 blocks, but it was an experience with a neighbor that I will write a blog about one day. hehehehe



The waterfall in progress, I am so excited to show off this final look in a few days.



We have completed the structures and flagstone, all the new plants will be installed when Pam and Ron return from their vacation, Dec 26th. 



The plants you see are NOT what will be in the final look.  



I truly love this style of water feature 



We still have a few touch ups to complete and the plantings when we return in a few weeks, note the new bamboo doors installed by Jeremy


The new bamboo doors installed by Jeremy from  BambuXixim, Xixim del Sureste, S.A. de C.V. 



So this is what I did with the old door that was replaced with bamboo, I hung them on the wall. After we plant, this wall will look so awesome.


I will be so excited to post the completed photos after the 26th of December. 

The night shots thanks to the fabulous camera and photography of Pam 


December 26 2012....Plants installed today 




The Natural Thangs Landscape Design crew!! 





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