Natural Thangs Landscape Design Company

Mike and Linda's

Garden and Aviary

Landscape Design

Chuburna Yucatan Mexico


A huge thank you to Linda and Mike for this landscape opportunity. To be able to create an Aviary within this garden scape really excites me. Watch as Natural Thangs creates a fabulous new look for this Chuburna beach property.

The Before shot! 


The end of day one and the block work is done for the Aviary and the areas are prepared for the additional features that will be included in this design


 The End of Day Four!


Wait till you see the final look here, it is going to be awesome.

The shelter palapas are now complete and they look so cool. Bamboo is planted on the windward side to provide a nice wind block for the birdies when the nortes are howling. 


The look after day 5

The end of day 8... Everything is planted, gravel and walkways are in place, aviary is almost complete, just need to put up the wire mesh and shade screen. Tomorrow we paint, a whole new look will fully emerge then.


Yes that is the small pond so the birdies can bathe. We will put lilly pads and fishies as well within the pond. 

  Flagstone Entrada 


And now the look with the new paint. What a difference! 

Over the next two days we will install the wire mesh and shade screen and build the door ways on the aviary 

We even beautified the little pump house in the corner by adding the tile roof and paint

The foreground garden bed is for the veggies

And now the final look! 







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