Natural Thangs Landscape Design Company


Merida Courtyard      Makeover 


I am very proud to show off the latest creation from the Natural Thangs Team. This space belongs to Julie Weaver from Atlanta Ga. What a kind person she has been and very pleased to have worked with her. Lots of work but we got it done. 10 days and now the final look.


 The New Modern Tropical Look



Yes as you can see in the pool, we are adding a seating bench 


 If you can see in this photo, there are 3 copper tubes that exit the wall from the upper center of the tile, that spill forth the running waters. 

As well we placed 3 lights with one in the fall of the water and the additional two to the left and right of the two brown pots.


 The Talavera Bench with Towel Shelf (or a place for those tequila bottles and glasses)

 The New Outdoor Seating Space




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