Natural Thangs Landscape Design Company


Mario and Jacky's Merida Landscape Project 


Watch as the Natural Thangs Team tackles this overgrown old back yard in Central Merida 

The 5 x 40 meter property is old and needs a new look, Natural Thangs to the rescue...

Looking back into the weeded jungle....Yes a before pic..

 The end of day one and the Bodega walls are down and the first dump truck full leaves out tomorrow

Day One End, makin' headway

The End of Day Two...We have a mountain of scrumbro for the dump truck in the morning!!


 We can now see the property!


 Tomorrow the old floor of the bodega will come out 

 The End of Day Three....





Phase II begins Monday.....We will be rebuilding the wall on the left side of the property, yes, all the way to end of the property. 

The beginning of day four of Phase II. Over 2 dump trucks of years of buried garbage has been taken out and the wall footings and base are in place. 1000 block delivered today and block work begins tomorrow.

Some really cool really old items are being unearthed from all the rubble.  


The end of week 1 of the wall phase.  


 Lots of Progress


 The wall project is almost complete, a few days of 'cunyas' and this phase is complete.







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