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Jim and Sherry's 

2 Day Garden Makeover 


Jim and Sherry asked us to clean up their space add a small section of driveway/parking and get rid of the sand. So we did. A simple 2 day project that will have a lasting look.


The before look

As you can see above currently the car has to park half on and half off the concrete. 

The before look


And now the clean new look 

 We have extended the driveway/parking area by 150cm x 370cm


 We used the flattest large stone to create the walkway and finished off the area with gravel

So after cleaning, shaping the garden areas, moving a few plants, trimming here and there and adding a couple of bougainvillea's, their space has been transformed. 


Thank you very kindly Jim and Sherry for this opportunity.  



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