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Jane's Beach Front Makeover

Chelem Mexico 


Beach front makeovers are always a challenge as there are few things that will grow well. First we took out 300 bags of gravel and replaced with great soil under the beautiful green grass. The Cuban Palms are great wind tolerant species and the oleander, phornios, and xorias are great plants for this beach front garden.







And now the final look, only need to add more soil to the new raised beds and finish monday planting those guys. Then we move upstairs and I get to create another bamboo bar. 

After .....We used red flagstone for the walkways





As you may or may not have noticed, we as well raised the wall on both sides at the upper lever one block as to add a tad bit more privacy. 


The beginnings of the Bamboo Bar. Wait to you see the final look the space will take when completed.

 End of day 3 

End of day 4, cement work is complete, now we start to dress it, in a few days more I will have the completed look. Keep in mind, bamboo...... 

 In a few days this will have a smooth as glass feel and look.


 Posted 9-14-12


We will install the bamboo panels for the back and side walls on Wednesday. 

So now the bamboo is in place, need to complete just a few small details and then finished. The box in the back is for the frig and will be painted brown as well. Just as well the floor will be repainted with the red that was existing, it will look awesome.









The completed garden look.... 



 The upper portion of the wall we raised one block level as to create a tad more privacy.

And the same on this side raised one block level. When the Oleanders fill in it will create a nice hedge block. 


September 28th, 2012, 15 days or so since we planted and now the first mowing. It looks fabulous!







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