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Harris House Merida MakeOver 

 The Natural Thangs Landscape Team Tackles This Over Grown Merida Back Yard 


I have to admit, sometimes I look at some of the requests that come across my desk, like this project and say to myself, hmmmmm, this is a ton of work, can we???? Heck Yes, the before and after pics are always soooo amazing and the client, is always so amazed. Thank you Mr Harris for this opportunity. 

The before photo: The client wanted these large palms taken out and of course fully cleaned out..


As you can see, it is totally overgrown..... 

After 4 days and a small budget, The Natural Thangs Team cleaned this property completely, installed an automated sprinkler system, took out two huge palms, installed new palms and plants, grass and gravel.....poof, The Harris House Merida MakeOver 

The new clean look!




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