Natural Thangs Garden Center's Farmer's Market



We are so excited to present to this area a  true to form Farmer's Market. Each Monday morning from 8 am to 12 noon, beginning in November 2015, you can visit the property behind the Natural Thangs Garden Center, and shop for fresh vegetables grown right here at the Garden Center. As well additional vendors from Chelem and Chuburna selling their fruits and veggies. We will also invite any vendor that offers a baked good, breads, pies, tamales, etc. No crafts please! Only food items will be available each Monday. 



This is the property directly behind the Garden Center where the Farmers Market will be held each Monday beginning in November. We currently have growing lots and lots of veggies, fruits, corn, and soon chickens to be able to provide fresh eggs.




Or stop into the Garden Center any day to check what is available. 



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