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 I am currently adding plant varieties to this section that I enjoy designing with.  Pricing will depend on the size of the plant you are seeking. It is recommended that you call and set an appointment for a free Design Idea Walk Through.

Not all varieties are kept in stock but are available.

The species shown here are some of my favorite varieties that will grow very well around the beach areas

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The Beautiful Bromeliads  A beautiful addition to any indoor garden area or set in a decorative vase to add color to your center table. A beautiful foliage plant that shows off its colorful bloom for many many months. Click Here to learn more about Bromeliads and how to order them from us.


Plumeria Tree

The Plumeria is a very durable native Mexican tree. The flowers produce a wonderful fragrance and are traditionally used to construct the Hawaiian Leis. A super easy wonderful tree to grow, loves the sandy soil.



Many forms of the Hibiscus with amazingly beautiful range of colors will flourish in the beach gardens. Mind you directly on the beach front is not advised.



This is a great beach growing plant. Makes a beautiful hedge when planting numerous in a row. This specie does not flower but is sough after due to the colorful foliage.


Copa de Oro

Because of the large yellow flowers this plant is named 'cup of gold'. Grows very well and will climb and cover a block wall nicely. 



A superb growing specie that forms a low hedge. We also have varieties with yellow flowers.


Euphorbia - Crown of Thorns

Besides the religious significance of the Crown of Thorns, the plant also has a famous meaning of good luck engrained deeply in many beliefs. Therefore, those who grow the plant should always be blessed with lots of good luck. Crown of Thorns is a plant growing best in a sunny location. During periods of active growth, water when the soil surface becomes dry but when the plant is resting, keep it drier. Ideal temperatures are 62 to 65 degrees at night and 80 to 85 degrees during the day.  This is a very easy house plant to grow!


Oleander Purple

Probably one of the most hardiest plant varieties that thrives in this climate here in Chelem and Chuburna. Many color varieties are available.

Be advised as this plant is very beautiful and simple to grow, it is toxic to human and animal if plant parts are swallowed.


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Bird of Paradise 

Arguably one of the most exotic plant varieties, the Bird of Paradise. Long lasting flowers and the ability to grow full sun or shaded.  


Passion Fruit

This vine is great to plant in shade or sun and along a fence or trellis as it loves to climb around. Producing almost surreal flowers that last no more than a day or two but go on to produce a tasty fruit. 


Mother-In-Law Plant

Another very durable and naturally spreading Mother In Law tongue, or Sanserveria. This plant makes a great low light indoor plant.


Henequin  - Sisal Plant

Given the space necessary to grow this large beauty, one can add a bit of history as well as a very beautiful plant variety to your beach garden.


We have many varieties of Cactus 

As well know, just plant them and they will grow. And that is pretty much it, indeed, although selection and placement make a big difference in the overall appearance of your garden.


Agave - Chelem

A very durable splash of color you can add to your garden, full sun even.


Traveler's Palm

Our supplier has one of the largest palm selections and sizes in the Yucatan. Let me help you choose and place your palms according to your property needs.


Chinese Fan Palm

Our supplier has one of the largest palm selections and sizes in the Yucatan. Let me help you choose and place your palms according to your property needs.


Coconut Palm

Our supplier has one of the largest palm selections and sizes in the Yucatan. Let me help you choose and place your palms according to your property needs.


Bottle Palm

Our supplier has one of the largest palm selections and sizes in the Yucatan. Let me help you choose and place your palms according to your property needs.


Bromelia Serra

A natural Bromeliad to the Yucatan, this medium to large plant demands respect. Not only is the plant spectacular as a foliage species, but the bloom that last for over 4 months is a site to see. The leaves when grown in full sun keep a deep red color. The leaves will also bite you if handled without care. 


Mexican Sage

A very durable and wonderfully smelling variety that grows very well full sun to part shade. Bright purple flowers last most of the year.


 Bougainvillea Assorted Colors

What more can I say, this is a variety that grows so well here, and with the wide range of colors available, a beach garden just does not seem complete with a few bougainvilleas.



Beach Front Growing Plant Varieties 

Special Note: Be advised that SEMARNAT only allows specific species that are allowed to be planted beach front and in the dunes, these species listed below are on the approved list. Also be aware that large fines can be imposed if you do not acquire the proper permission before removing any native beach front growing species. Contact SEMARNAT in Progreso if you have any doubts.


Varilla Texana Gray

This variety is perennial. They flower in spring-early summer, and fall. A superb sandy beach front growing variety. 


Flor de Algodon de Playa - Cotton Ball Tree

This bush/tree is rather spindly but has some interesting cotton ball flowers. Grows very well subjected to windy beach front areas.



This is a wonderful variety because of it's succulent nature and low ground covering ability. Very commonly seen on the beaches throughout the areas here.


Uva de Playa - Sea Grapes

The sea grape is a large shrub or small tree that grows to a maximum of 25 feet high. The round, green, leathery leaves are up to 10 inches in diameter with red midribs. The fruit, each about 1 inch in diameter, is borne in loose bunches of up 75 fruit per bunch. It turns from bright green to deep purple upon ripening and contains a large, fibrous pit surrounded by tart, purple flesh. The flowers are small, fragrant, and 5- pointed with flaring white petals. The female tree is the one that produces the grapes. When they are still forming, or immature, they will be hanging in grape form from the branches, but are green in color.


Ipomoea pes-caprae - Beach Morning Glory

Commonly referred to as railroad vine, is a pantropical, trailing vine that routinely colonizes sand dunes. It grows just above the high tide line along coastal beaches, forming large mats that assist in stabilizing sands.



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