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This section is dedicated to Beach Garden Club members and their photo submissions. If you are a member, click here to join, please feel free to submit to us your photo with description and photographers name.

Beach Garden Club Members 

  • Randy Miller - Chelem Mexico
  • J.M. Bernechea - Merida Mexico
  • M. Dawn - Waldo Ohio
  • Tono Mendez - Merida
  • Terrill Wood - West Virginia
  • Jennifer Moore - Merida Mexico


This weeks photo is submitted by M. Dawn in Waldo, Ohio, our newest out of country member to the Beach Garden Club. This beautiful tulip sprang up in an area she says that a tulip has never popped up and the fact that this color has never been seen before on her property. Mother Nature sure has a way of blessing us with beautiful surprises. 

Photo by: M. Dawn - Waldo Ohio


Editors Note: The Beach Garden Club is open to everyone from around the world. We invite each of you to join today and help us grow this areas soon to be largest Beach Garden Club. Contribute your ideas and helpful hints, submit seeds to the seed fund, connect with locals here in the Yucatan with a love for plants.

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