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Central Merida Garden Design


I am very pleased and honored to be designing this fabulous Central Merida garden for Ty and Sara Bateman. With the Hacienda style in mind, we have created a beautiful old style wall and fabulous Arched Entrada. The old Hacienda train cart  at the Arch entrance really sets the tone, plus makes a great flower cart. Below you can follow the steps we took over this past two week period. Hope you like it.

For a good read, check out Sara's blog at:

Upper Garden Before

Upper Garden After

Upper Garden 2 Before

Upper Garden 2 After

Middle Garden Area Before

Middle Garden Area After


Bottom Terrace Before

Bottom Terrace in progress

Bottom Terrace Before

Bottom Terrace in progress


The Back Yard Before

The Back Yard in progress, and antique wall in progress

Wait to you see the finished design here!!!




Monday we will knock out the support then rock the underside.

We purchased a fabulous old train that was used in the fields of the Henequin plantations. Makes a superb plant cart.


I am so excited the flagstone arrived today, Monday we will begin with laying it and wait till you see the final look here.


Tomorrow I will plant the grass between the rock pads that will add the final touch to this amazing garden space.

And now the final look for this area. I have to say, it is magical.




Dec. 28, 2011....Finally the completed look as you will see by the pics below. I am so pleased with the final look.




This is Rene and Antonio, these guys created what I saw in my mind. Thank you guys!!

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