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Bruce and Gloria's 

Casa Rosada

Central Merida Landscape Design 


Natural Thangs Landscape Designs transforms this Central Merida home's front and back yard. Thank you very much to the home owners, Gloria and Bruce, for the opportunity to create a fabulous new space for you. 

As well I am very proud to show off another beautiful natural waterfall creation.


 Here you can see the before pics. Notice the sagging palapa and exposed washer and water heater. 


In progress, as you can see below, we are creating a waterfall that drops into the pool. As well we have placed an additional column to support the palapa, enclosing the washing area with a new wall with additional palapa roof, new flagstone seating area plus numerous additional beatifications. 

In Progress 

 Completed Look

 The beginning of the waterfall

 This area was covered in more, wait till you see the final product here.

Seating Area and Waterfall In Progress

 The Waterfall is complete

I have to say I am so proud to show off the waterfall design I created for this property. 





 The little rock retaining wall is now complete, flagstone seating area almost done. If you see the brown tube on the the top of the wall in  the background, well, that used to be white, and cross in front of the rock wall in the corner, and, going right now the center of this beautiful space, now hidden and como'ed.


 I used the small river pea gravel with larger black river rock for the accent. 

The completed seating area, red flagstone is my fav! 

A look at the new wall that encloses the washer and water heater area, the palapa roof will blend with the existing palapa

 Final Painting taking place

Before photos of the small front area....wait till you see the makeover here.... 




 The new bench

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