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Joe and Tippy's 

Casa Palapa 

7 Hour Landscape Makeover 


A BIG thank you to Joe and Tippy for allowing us to create their spaces. The Natural Thangs team completed this project in 7 hours time. 

 Driveway area before

Driveway area after 

Simple and cost effective planting and design to liven up a medium sized area. We installed the large Cuban Palm, a Bird of Paradise, one Phornio, one Flor de Mayo, a few Oleanders for high growth against the back wall, and a Pony Tail Palm. Placed a few large rocks and a gnarly piece of driftwood for adornos and poof, a beautiful beach durable garden.

PS.. The driveway area, stamped concrete, was done beautifully by John Knight at J&S Consulting 

Palapa Entrada before 

Palapa Entrada after 




This section of the entrance to their home I did not get the before pic, but if you can imagine, nothing but crumbly concrete before.....and now the after pic. Yep we inlaid brown river stone to flow with the same features they have on the interior walkways.

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