Natural Thangs Landscape Design Company


Casa Amanda Makeover

Centro Merida 


Natural Thangs is very pleased to have the opportunity to create another beautiful waterfall and garden space in Centro Merida Mexico. Many thanks to the Rodham family for trusting in our team to complete this Casa Amanda makeover.



The end of day 3, new garden area has been lowered, all plumbing and electrical is complete and the waterfall is awaiting the facing. 3 more days to completion. 

Looking forward to the final look on the waterfall, gonna be awesome!


Day 4 - Tomorrow this new garden area will be full of plants 

3/4 facing completed today, tomorrow this will be completed

And now I present the new outdoor space for Casa Amanda


The new garden area. In just a few short months, the two Sisus vines will cover this back wall behind the garden and give a soft green appeal

Flor de Mayo Tree

In time this bougainvillea will grow and provide a nice cover over the pergola 





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