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Brian and Leslie's

Chuburna Beach Front Home

 Gets a New



A huge thank you to Brian and Leslie for inviting myself and my Natural Thangs crew to complete this fabulous home built by my good friend Pono. I am proud to show yet another aspect of design that we, Natural Thangs, are capable of. 

 The BobCat begins to move the sand.....

 As you can see this is a 0-100 creation, clean slate to work with..... 

 The middle of day four.....


 Coming along nicely!!

 Yes, we are even painting, adding 3 shades of blue with the white accents.  

 The end of day 7 

 The end of day 8


I am really liking the 3 shades of blue we used in this project. In areas, it is like you are walking into the ocean, nice color reflections throughout.

I love showing you the as we go steps to creating a beautiful space. This is going to look so awesome when completed. Keep watching....

 The end of day 10




 The End of Day 11 



 Instead of using block to raise the wall, I used bamboo and now the look is so awesome

 The blue shades cut so much of the glare and soften the walls 




End of day 15 and we are 98% complete. Little bit more painting, a few more plantings and Jeremy's Bamboo for under the house and the gate and a complete new look and entrada. 




Jeremy surprised us today and delivered the bamboo panels for under the house, totally looks awesome.



Now we are complete except the new bamboo gate that Jeremy again is doing for us and will be installed in a week as well as the lights for the entrance columns.





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