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Al and Lori's 

Chelem Beach Home 

Garden Makeover


A huge Thank You to Al and Lori for trusting in the Natural Thangs Team to transform their entry garden space. In less than two days our team of experts did just that. Beautiful, Soft and Green.

Of course, a before photo, you will notice in the following after pics that there is a new 'Al's Man Cave' that the team of Zoltan has constructed

Before Photo 

Before Pics

After a day and a half's work, the transformation.......


Below, we added a few additional cactus and succulent species to expand on the 'cactus garden'. As well adding a beautiful piece of driftwood and rock border, with natural rock accents.

As you can see we added grass to this section to soften the entire entry way. Added the raised garden bed wall and planted Bananas in the corner along with a beautiful bougainvillea, plumeria, dracaenas and what is missing from this photo is the meter tall papaya tree I planted a day after this pic in the corner next to the plumeria. 

We look forward to maintaining this property as part of weekly maintenance program.

For the longest time, I have wanted to transform this space for my friends, again, thank you so much for the opportunity Al and Lori, for allowing me to create your space. Awesome! 

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